First staff consultation

Our games development tutors are struggling with the number of assignments required to collect evidence across all units in their BTEC, the gradebook becomes unworkable when the number of assignments exceeds about 10 and many of our BTEC courses have upwards of 30 assignments set.

The VLE also fails to give a proper overview of student completion.

Students are struggling to find the correct assignment submission area and cannot work out where they are, what they need to complete or make predictions of overall grades.

The games dev teachers would love to see assignments arranged by unit all on one page, with indicators to show their submission status.

They would also like a holistic overview of the course and students to help them track student progress.

Also suggested was that students should be able to easily filter and arrange the gradebook themselves to see what work is left to submit.

Even though we have made significant improvement to the course format in our previous development , BTECs are still facing the following  mess after setting everything up…

FireShot Screen Capture #052 - 'Course_ Level 3 Games Development assignments


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