More feedback from staff

Another staff consultation session, this time with our BTEC IT teachers. Once again the feedback reveals problems with the layout of our course pages and gradebook when used with BTECs.


When setting out a BTEC course on one VLE page there could easily be upwards of 20 topics, even though we have an “accordion” layout and each of the topics in our course format are collapsed by default this can still look a little unwieldy…

BTEC Course page

A very long course page with over 20 units


If we open one of these topics we can see that fitting in enough content for a whole unit is difficult.  This often results in a page that is unmanageable for teachers and difficult to navigate for students…

BTEC Course page

This course page looks messy when it has been filled with content.


Possible Solutions

We will need to restructure BTEC areas so each unit has a separate page, this poses a few problems that we will have to solve within the theme however.  For example if we put every unit into its own page then the student will be faced with a large list of pages in their My Moodle area, these may not be listedin any particular order either. So in the My Moodle area perhaps we could find a way to group all the units together so they are represented as being one course, rather than 20+ separate courses. In addition, Moodle’s insistence on calling each “page” a “course” causes confusion here!

Will we also need an area where generic information can be stored? Do we have a social stream and reading list for every unit or just one for the course? These are questions that will need to be answered before we can move on.



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