The Gradebook is a Mess!

Grader report - teacher -scrolled

Feedback from our BTEC teachers this week is that the Moodle gradebook is a complete mess. Some of our BTEC courses have 100+ students and 30-40 assignments set up within their Moodle area, this does not fit well into the currentl gradebook table.

Here we have two screen shots showing a long list of students and all their “gradable” items, the teacher has to scroll to the right to grade most of the assignments but when they do they can no longer see the students names…



When a student visits the gradebook to see how they are doing on the course, they get to see this table.  It is just about usable but could look a lot better…

Grader Report -Student


One of the things we must look at as part of this project will be to abstract the BTEC gradebook away from the main Moodle grading area in order to tailor how grades and feedback are represented specifically for BTECs.


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