The Dashboard Concept is Born

Timeline sketch

The Dashboard Timeline concept was born, sketched out a sheet of my printed notes.

When discussing the dashboard during our last staff consultation session, one of the most interesting ideas we came up with was a timeline to show what the students have coming up throughout the year, so they can plan their time ahead. According to the teachers within the group, some of their students struggle to plan time and get overwhelmed during busy periods in year.

I was also interested in how we could add students’ attendance data onto this, as well as possibly encoding other information into the same physical space, so we sketched out a concept.

This concept proved to be a popular idea  amongst other groups of teachers so I developed the sketch into a complete dashboard mock-up…

Student Dashboard Timeline

The timeline finally comes together in this mock-up of the concept, condensing attendance, a year calendar (with term breaks and events) and assignment deadlines all into one space.


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