This website has been set up to track the progress of The City of Liverpool College’s JISC funded “Innovation Through Technology” project.

Our BTEC  teachers are struggling with Moodle to get portfolios, assessments, tracking, grading and feedback working in a sensible way.  Many have expressed frustration over the arrangement of the gradebook and confusion when planning how structure a BTEC course on Moodle.  As a result our BTEC courses are approaching the same problem in different ways, with varying degrees of success. Fitting a square peg into a round hole is the phrase that springs to mind!

Our successful bid for this JISC funded project aims to address these problems. We plan to develop a series of extensions to Moodle, tailoring our Theme and Course Formats to better suit the structure of  BTEC courses, bringing in aspects of E-Portfolio systems to make tracking easier, adding a “portfolio” interface where students can collect work and evidence etc.

We are beginning the project with staff consultations to identify exactly which areas we should work on and prioritise.

This site will track our progress as we move forward.