New BTEC Moodle Concept Walkthrough (Part 1: Our Current VLE)

So far I have written about the feedback from our staff focus group sessions and shown off mock-up images of our new Dashboard and Gradebook concepts, these are just two components of a much larger restructure of our Moodle VLE which will (hopefully) provide a more logical and user friendly method for structuring courses, units and assignments.

In addition to these there will be a new student dashboard, new course dashboard for teachers, new course gradebook and ultimately a new streamlined workflow for setting everything up.

I will write more about the actual workflow for staff and post some mock-up examples of how this will look over the next week or so, we are about to move into development so these will have to be finalised very soon.  However I thought it would be nice if I first gave a proper explanation of the proposed changes and introduce designs for the new system that you may not have seen yet.

So first of all I’ll give an overview of our existing VLE system

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